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Fractal Angel

I fixed the link to The Magus so it is working properly now. Also, I unboosted Webtracker from my last count at Datasync before moving the site (3795). The counter now reads the true count since April 18, 1998 for all 3 sites.

Made some minor cosmetic changes to the buttons, got a guestbook back up since the site move and fixed a broken link to 'linarb.zip' in the fonts section of the Library.

Well, 3 a.m. and I meander over to my Xoom mirror which appears to be whacked. I'm still not sure what the deal was but having already jumped the gun I relocated many files and added a few in the process. The Geocities mirror is currently maxed for webspace so that means I have over 20 megs of total files (including the Tripod mirror) all accessible from here! (Provided of course one of the sites isn't down...again.)
A bit of delay in getting up since I moved to Seattle but I had begun an all but complete makeover with a few bells-n-whistles including new graphics and javascript (for those who have it). The scripts have been checked with NS3 (passed) and IE3 (failed) but if you encounter any errors with the scripts please e-mail me and let me know. I know how annoying it can be clearing all those pop-up error messages. For that one person that keeps visiting my site with Lynx, sorry but your pretty much screwed. I have tried to accomodate such browsers (poorly I'm sure) but 98% of the people viewing my site do so with IE3+ or NS3+, the other 2% use everything various other browsers (including NS1&2, IE2, AOHell, and 'other').

More changes including some new material for the library are in the works.

Began adding a mirror site at Tripod.

I've been trying to update my site with some fresh material the past couple of months but I had not anticipated having to move it but since I'm moving to Seattle (6-1-98) I will no longer be maintaining my local server connection with Datasync (MS Gulf Coast). Therefore I have moved to Xoom and set up a mirror site at Geocities. In any event these should serve as permanant sites.

I hope that you will be patient while I try to get everything back up. It may take some time for me to rearrange my library and make sure everything is in working condition so everything may not be working immediately. Also, There may also be some delay in setting up my guestbook. In the mean time if you encounter any problems I have may have over looked please e-mail me.

4-12-96 to 4-20-98
I did something which took up a lot of my time but it wasn't this.

Original posting of the Psychonomicon Website at Datasync.