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Abbott, Edwin A
Carroll, Peter
Crowley, Aleister (And Related...)
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Material made available by...)
Hermes Trismegestis
Hines, Phil
James, William
Spare, Austin Osman
Tzu, Lao

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Assorted FAQs, References and Compilations


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Author Listing

Abbott, Edwin A.

 Flatland, 2nd ed.

Carroll, Peter

Catastrophe Theory Excerpt from Psychonomicon & Liber Null (w/ pix).
 Liber Kaos excerpts 140 kb - My compiled HTML version of Carroll's available on-line material.
 Liber Kaos 52 kb - zipped version of above.
 The Magus
 Where do we go from here?

Crowley, Aleister (And Related...)

Crowley Speaks Index (link)

 Liber LXXVII (77) Liber Oz
 Liber XC (90) Liber Tzaddi
 Liber CLVI (156) Liber Cheth
 Liber CCXX (220) Liber Al vel Legis The Book of the Law
 Liber CCCXXXIII (333)The Book of Lies 193 kb
 Liber CCCCXVIII (418) The Vision and the Voice 485 kb
 Liber CDLXXIV (474) Liber Os Abysmi vel Daath
 Liber DCCC (800) Liber Samekh 92 kb
 Liber DCCCXXXVII (837) The Law of Liberty

 Magick in Theory & Practice 349 kb - Zip file containing the work in 4 .TXT files.

 Lotsa & Lotsa Libers 2.67 mb - Zip file including 109 .TXT files plus 1 HTML (index) & 1 GIF of libers currently available online! Found at Magical Clarity where it is still available in TAR.GZ format.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, (Material made available by...)

 Golden Dawn Glossary 204 kb - zipped Windows .HLP file as released by The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Hermes Trismegestis

Corpus Hermeticum 75 kb - zipped Windows .HLP file. The Divine Pymander in XVII books. London 1650. This was translated by John Everard from the Ficino Latin translation.

Hines, Phil

 Oven Ready Chaos 424 kb - zipped PDF file
 Permutations 312 kb - zipped PDF file

James, William

 The Varieties of Religious Experience 447 kb - zipped HTML format


 PROJECT #1: Liber Tantra

     Basic Techniques
    The Relaxation Ritual (from Modern Magick by D.M. Kraig), The Qabalistic Cross, The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (including Carroll's Gnostic version), The Banishing Hexagram Ritual, the Rose Cross Ritual, The Middle Pillar Exercise (short form - including Carroll's Gnostic version) and The Circulation of the Body of Light with pentagram and hexagram gif animations and commentary by MERKVRIVS.

       Basic Techniques Zipped HTML w/ animated GIFs. You need to create and open in a new folder. [88kb]

     The Psychic Body, Energy Centers, and Medians
     What is Psychic Energy?

 PROJECT #2: Liber Deum Terrestris (Book of the Earth Gods)

    A collection of myths, legends and commentaries on creation, the generations of the gods and demigods, the creation of humankind and the deluge.

 PROJECT #3: Liber Nihil

    A collection of essays and commentaries on the subject of paradigms shifts, the Abyss and Abyss-like experiences.
    Hey! I finally found someone to help me edit this particular ramble...I mean essay... and others. Should be up sooner than later!
     Catastrophe Theory Excerpt from Psychonomicon & Liber Null by Peter Carroll (w/ pix) included here as an addendum to my upcoming text.


Allegory of the Cave

Spare, Austin Osman

The Anethema of Zos
 The Book of Pleasure (Self Love)
 The Focus of Life

Works about...

 Austin Osman Spare and His Theory of Sigils Essay by Frater U:.D:.
 The Sorceries of Zos Excerpt from Cults of the Shadow by Kenneth Grant.

Tzu, Lao

Tao Te Ching

By Subject

Assorted FAQs, References and Compilations

  alt.magick original FAQ 16 kb
  alt.magick rules 14 kb
  alt.magick.chaos FAQ 47 kb
  alt.religion.wicca FAQ 24 kb
  Baphomet REF 2 kb
  Caduceus REF 10 kb
  Chaos Magick REF 4 kb
  Feng Shui FAQ 9 kb
  Golden Dawn: FAQ 61 kb
  Golden Dawn: A bibliography - "The Golden Dawn in Yeats Scholarship" 20 kb
  The Great White Brotherhood/AA/etc. 3 kb
  History of Magick REF 1 kb
  The History of Wicca 22 kb
  Kabbalah FAQ 92 kb
  Kundalini FAQ 15 kb
  Lucid Dreaming FAQ 38 kb
  Lucifer REF 50 kb
  Magick study REF 5 kb
  Meditation FAQ 16 kb
  Movie magick REF 4 kb
  Necronomicon: FAQ 58 kb
  Paganism FAQ 39 kb
  Pentagram REF 48 kb
  OTO REF 16 kb
  Sex Magick FAQ #1: Basic Techniques in Sex Magick by Josh Geller 4 kb
  Sex Magick FAQ #2: Notes on Sex Magick by Tim Maroney 22 kb
  Sex Magick FAQ #3: The Biological Basis of Tantric Sex by C. Yronwode 16 kb
  Tarot FAQ 12 kb
  Tarot Layouts REF 150 kb
  Thelema FAQ 3 kb
  T.I.A.M.A.T. 2 kb
  TOPY FAQ 7 kb
  Transcendental Meditation FAQ 4 kb
 Zchronicles FAQ 1.1 39 kb
 Zchronicles FAQ 2.1 201 kb

Source for many of these FAQs & more @ (link)

Notice of Copyright and Right of Use

Those works not attributed to MERKVRIVS THE YOUNGER whether as author and/or transcriber (e.g. 'Catastrophe Theory' by Peter Carroll) have been downloaded from other sites with the understanding that they were essentially public domain and have been made available locally to ensure their continued presence on the web. In some cases I have made some minor moderations to the HTML format, headings and perhaps some of the more glaring typos made by the HTML or text encoder rather than the original author. The materials are otherwise presented as is. Any slight or copyright infringement is unintentional towards those third parties from whence these materials were obtained on the Internet and/or most especially the original authors of these works.


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Permission granted for use as per above stipulations.

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