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Macrocosm, Microcosms, and Elementals

The Macrocosm as a whole can be subdivided into 'planes', levels, lesser macrocosms, worlds, etc. each being host to a various and specific qualities and entities. A Microcosm is a 'reflection' of the Macrocosm having all the corresponding elements of the Macrocosm within it. A microcosm is a reflection a lesser macrocosm of the Macrocosm but is not necessarily a Microcosm of the Macrocosm. As such in other macrocosms of the Macrocosm where it does not have all of the corresponding elements it is an elemental. To become a perfect Microcosm of the Great Macrocosm is in fact the evolutionary goal of all life forms. For example if we define Homo sapiens as the microcosms of the physical macrocosm then all other life forms including plants and animals are elemental in nature being not so complete psychologically as Homo sapiens. However, the energy life forms that generally incarnate as Homo sapiens could very easily be elementals in other macrocosms of the Macrocosms whether or not as a higher, lower, and/or near equivalent life form. Nor is this to imply that all that physically incarnate as Homo sapiens need necessarily be true microcosms of the physical plane or macrocosm and/or the expected appearance of manifestation on that plane. For as stated before it is the evolutionary goal of all life forms to become Microcosms of the Macrocosm and, as pertaining to the case of this study, Assiah is but one step upon the ladder to that end.



1.Back in the seventies, there seemed a lot of discussion of elementals and elemental type people. One doesn't hear these kind of ideas expressed often nowadays. There's still room for a lot of speculation as to whether elementals can have human incarnations.

(From Janine Renee, Playful Magic, Llewellyn Pub., 1994, n61.)



Gen. 6:4 The Nephilim (giants) were on the world in those days, and also afterward, when the Beni-Elohim (sons of God) came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of reknown.



Men fell from their primal states, and then they who were formless became imaged in form, deformed. And this is a mystery of the demonic plane which entereth not into this section.

The Elemental Spirits and other of their kind are an organization not quite so complete as man. In spiritual consciousness more keen, and yet in some ways his spiritual superior though organically his inferior. They are the formers of the primal man, that is Elementary Man, and they have other and greater offices, for in them are many worlds and ranks and spheres. They are as the younger man (i.e. child) and towards them man is responsible and he hath wrought them much injustice.

(From Israel Regardie, The Golden Dawn, 6th ed., Llewellyn Pub., 1989, p. 110.)



There were in all five order of intelligence which seems to have been cast out of Heaven, and some of them were incarnated as men. These were the giants of Genesis, the nephilim, the descendants of Amalek, the intruders of the Talmud. It is on record that they caused the destruction of the Temple.

(From A.E. Waite, The Holy Kabbalah, Carol Pub. Group/ Citadel Press, 1992, p. 274. see also p. 269-90.)



1109. We have learned this which is written, Gen. vi.2: "And the sons of the Elohim beheld the daughters of Adam. These (sons of Elohim) are they who were withdrawn, and who fell into the mouth of the Great Abyss.*
1110. "The daughters of Adam." (Here it is to be noted that it is written HADM, the initial being demonstrative and emphatic, signifying) of that especial Adam.
1111. And it is written: "And they came unto them . . . the same were mighty men, who were from the Earth,"&c. From that place, namely which is called earth, like as the tradition is concerning the phrase IMI OVLM, Yemi Olahm, the day of the world.#
1112. The impurities+ of the Name. From them have gone forth the Spirits, RVChIN, Ruachin, and the Demons, ShDIN, Shedin, into the world, so that they may adhere to the wicked.
1113. "There were HNPILIM, Ha-Nephilim, Giants, BARTz, Be-Aretz, in the earth; "for the restraining of those who were left, who existed not in the earth.
1114. Those giants are OZA, Auza, and OZAL, Auzael, who were in the earth, the sons of Elohim were not in the earth. And this is an Arcanum, and all these things are said.

* See ante 1048

1048. And a second time that Voice pealed forth and said, Deut. iv.4: "But ye that did cleave unto Tetragrammaton, your God, are alive every one of you this day."

# Meaning prior to creation of the material world.

+ Knorr Von Rosenroth translates this word ANShI, Aneshi; Viri, "men:" but I think "impurities" is preferable.

Auza, elsewhere called Shemhazai.

(From The Kabbalah Unveiled trans. and ed. by S.L. MacGregor Mathers, Penguin Books, p. 249.)



The Princesses represent the He final of the Name (YHVH). Yet evidently they represent four types of human being. They are those numerous "elemental" people whom we recognize by their lack of all sense of responsibility, whose moral qualities seem to lack "bite". They are subdivided according to planetary predominance. Such types have been repeatedly described in fiction. As Eliphas Levi wrote: "The love of the Magus for such creatures is insensate, and may destroy him".

(From A. Crowley, The Book of Thoth, Samuel Weiser, Inc.; 1993, p. 150.)



  • Notwithstanding, there exist certain bodies of spiritual beings, in whose ranks are not only angelic forces, but elementals, and even daemons, who have attained such Right Understanding of the Universe that they have banded themselves together with the object of becoming Microcosms, and realize that their best means to this end is devotion to the service of Mankind. Societies of spiritual forces, organized on these lines, dispose of enormous resources. The Magician who is himself sworn to the service of humanity may count upon the heartiest help of these Orders. Their sincerity may always be assured by putting them to the test of the Law of Thelema. Whoso denies "Do what thou wilt shall be the Whole of the Law" confesses that he still clings to the conflict in his own nature; he is not, and does not want to be, true to himself. A fortiori, he will prove false to you.
  • (A. Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice, Dover Pub. Inc.; 1976, n194-5.)



    What sort of existence, what type or degree of reality, do we attribute them? (By angel, of course, you mean any celestial-or` infernal-being such as are listed in the Hierarchy, from Metatron and Ratziel to Lilith and Nahema.) We read of them, for the most part, as if they were persons-although of another order of being; as individual, almost, as ourselves. The principal difference is that they are not, as we are, microcosmic. The Angels of Jupiter contain all that there is of Jupiter there is, within these limits, that there rank is not so high as their Archangel, nor so low as their Intelligence or their Spirit. But their Jupiter is pure Jupiter; no other planet enters into their composition.

    1. Crowley, Magick without Tears, New Falcon Pub., 1994, p. 362. see also p. 240.)



    1. It has been objected to reincarnation that the population of this planet has been increasing rapidly. Where do the new souls come from? It is not necessary to invent theories of about other planets; it is enough to say that the earth is passing through a period when human units are being built up from the elements with increased frequency. The evidence for this theory springs to the eye: in what other age was there ever such puerility, such a lack of race experience, such reliance upon incoherent formulas? (Compare the infantile emotionalism of the average "well-educated" Anglo-Saxon" with the shrewd common sense of the normal illiterate peasant.) A large portion of mankind to-day is composed of "souls" who are living the human life for the first time. Note especially the incredible spread of congenital homosexuality and other sexual deficiencies in many forms. These are people who have not understood, accepted, and used even the Formula of Osiris. Kin to them are the 'once-born' of William James, who are incapable of philosophy, magick, or even religion, but seek instinctively a refuge from the horror of contemplating Nature, which they do not comprehend, in soothing-syrup affirmations such as those of Christian Science, Spiritualism, and all the sham 'occult' creeds, as well as the emasculated forms of so-called Christianity.

    2. (A. Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice, Dover Pub. Inc.; 1976, n50.)

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